Sheath and instruments

A full range of sheath, instruments and accessories for numerous surgeries.

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Operating sheath

Hysteroscopy operative sheath

Continuous flow sheath

The continuous flow sheath allows all hysteroscopic procedures such as biopsies, IUD removals, sterilizations method EssureTM

14,9Fr. continuous flow operating sheath
With one 5Fr. operating channel
With two rotatable stopcocks
Atraumatic tip for gentle insertion
Working length 220mm
To use with Ø 2,7mm forward oblique telescope 30° 

Diagnostic sheath

Hysteroscopy diagnostic sheath

The sheath for office diagnostic hysteroscopy

10,5Fr. hysteroscopy sheath
Single flow with one rotatable stopcock
Working length 270mm
Two versions to use with 2,7mm forward oblique telescope 0° or 30°



Find your basics for the most common procedures

Round shaped distal tip for atraumatic ostium insertion
Distal tip from 6 Fr. to 8.5 Fr.
Instrument channel for use with flexible or rigid instruments up to 5 Fr.
Direction of view 0°, 6° or 12°
Working length 430mm or 315 mm
Marberger or Bichler angled eyepiece to ensure ergonomics when using instruments or lithotripsy probes.

Semi-rigid instruments

Semi-rigid instruments

Full range of instruments, also available in flexible